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Carolina Steinbrecher, born 1987 in Vienna, works as a cinematographer in Austria and Germany. Daughter of a French mother she speaks fluently French, German and English. Following her Bachelor of Art at Film Academy in Vienna under Wolfgang Thaler, she enrolled in the Master‘s program for Cinematography at Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF.


Since 2015 she has been filming the long-term documentary “Running on Empty” alongside Director Lisa Weber with support from the Austrian Film Institute and the ORF.  

The full-length film “Jibril” by Henrika Kull, filmed while at Film University Babelsberg, premiered in 2018 in the section Panorama at Berlinale and received national and international acclaim. In Mai 2019 "Jibril" was released in the German Cinemas.

"Running on Empty" premiered in 2020 at Berlinale Panorama. 

Bliss”, her second feature project with Henrika Kull was shot in 2019/2020 and premiered in 2021 at Berlinale Panorama

Together as a DoP Duo with Anna Hawliczek, 2020 they worked on "Sargnagel-der Film"- a mockumentary with Stefanie Sargnagel.

2022 she got nominated for the "German Cinematography Award" with the movie "GLÜCK/BLISS" by Henrika Kull. 


Carolina was lucky to shoot in Austria, Germany, UK, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico and São Tomé e Príncipe and always looks out for new adventures. 



© Marisa Vranjes / Edmond Laccon 



* "NEUMATT - SEASON 2" (In Production), Series, Director: Christian Koch & Andrea Staka,

   Production: Zodiac Pictures  

* "DAS ENDE DER WELT, WIE WIR SIE KENNEN" (2022), Documentary Film, Co DoP with Nikolai von Graevenitz,      

   Director: Julia Neuhaus, Production: Das Kind mit der goldenen Jacke 

* "SARGNAGEL-Der Film" (2021), Feature Film, Co DoP with Anna Hawliczek

   Director: Sabine Hiebler und Gerhard Ertl, Production: Golden Girls (Vienna) 

* „GLÜCK/BLISS“ (2021), Feature Film, Director: Henrika Kull, Production: Flare Film (Berlin) 

* „Running on Empty“ (2020), 89min, Documetary Film, Director: Lisa Weber, Production: Takacs Film

* „2268 - Früher" (2019), 19min, Documentary Film, Director: Gloria Gammer, Production: Rainbowwarrior 

* „Beautiful You“ (2018), 19min, Short Movie , Director: Bernadette Kolonko, Production: Filmuniversität      


* „Jibril“ (2018), 83min, Feature Film , Director: Henrika Kull, Production: Filmuniversität Babelsberg

* „The Silence in between“ (2018), Short Movie, Director: Monica Tedja, Production: FuB / RBB

* „Rast“ (2016), 55 min, Documentary Film, Director: Iris Blauensteiner

* „Schwerelos“ (2015), 9 min, Short Documentary Film, Director: Jannis Lenz

* „Gatos de Luz“ (2014), 15 min, Short Documetary Film, Director: Lena Weiss

* „Schwitzen“ (2014) 30min, Short Movie, Regie: Iris Blauensteiner



* „L´Animale“ (2018), Feature Film, Director: Katharina Mückstein

* „Gwendolyn“ (2017), Documentary Film, Director: Ruth Kaaserer, Production: Soleil Film

* „Dokumente, die die Welt bewegen“ (2017) (TV-Documentary) Director: Jakob Brossmann, Production: ORF


* "GLÜCK/BLISS": World Premiere:  Berlinale Panorama 2021

* "Running on Empty": World Premiere: Berlinale Panorama 2020 |

   Carte Blanche Award at Duisburger Filmwoche 2020

* „Jibril“ : World Premiere: Premiere Berlinale Panorama 2018 | Taipei FF, Taiwan | Fünf Seen Filmfestival,     Germany | Cinema Jove – Valencia IFF, Spain – Official Competition | São Paulo IFF, Brazil – New Directors         Competition |Exground Filmfest, Germany

  Nomination: First Steps | Award: Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis

* "Beautiful You": World Premiere: Palm Springs Short Film Festival 2020 | Filmfest Dresden 2020 

* „Gwendolyn“: Viennale 2017, Dok Leipzig 2017 | Award: Best Cinematography Diagonale 2018.

* „L´Animale“: World Premiere: Berlinale Panorama 2018

* „Rast“: This Human World Festival, 2017, Wien

* „Best Documentary“ at theMontreal World Film Festival for „Schwerelos“

* „Jury and Public Award“ at the VIS Festival for „Gatos de Luz“

* „Best Austrian Newcomer Award“ at the Vienna Independant Shorts Festival for „Schwitzen“

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